Horizon Draws a Line Between Me and My Story

Rupture is a creature that has the laugher of sorrow and fear, of joy and melancholy.
It has a face not sad but indifferent, and it has a strange look in its eyes.
To keep you alive it grips you and the grip is cold and lifeless.
It sees right through you and does not care about your qualm.
It drags you into the game and leaves you to clean the mess.
It doesn't care even if it destroys everything you have created for yourself:
It takes apart the relationships you held dear and rips up the roots you put down.
Its muteness wakens you from your nightmare, trapped between two worlds.

Rupture is the moment when survival is about letting go.
It is the moment when the old keys do not fit the new doors.
It is a farewell to the past, a drifting apart where no one
can tell who gave up on whom. It’s a monologue for two voices.